*Ahem* Welcome confused readers to the Outsiders FAQ page! This page was made because we get an awful lot of the same questions asked regarding the story and everything else in our little adventures. And while our author would more than likely punch you and tell you to shut-up, I've decided to take the non-violent approach to this problem, and will gladly answer all the questions everybody has asked repeatedly. Let's get started.

Q:What is Outsiders about anyway?

That depends on the context of the question. In-universe, it is a sequel/crisis crossover of various comics and stories, failed or ongoing to make the greatest story of good VS evil ever told. In the meta sense:It's just a webcomic where the author pays tribute to his friends or like-minded individuals, whom he feels are unappreciated within their respective cliques (IE:The Outsiders).

Q:Did you know there's a series/movie/wrestling group with that name?

Yes. We are aware our title is in no way original. We've come to a consensus that we don't care, and you're not paying attention to what's really important if all you can focus on is the title of the comic.

Q:Can I give you tips on your sprites?

This is something we get a lot, and while we do appreciate the input, please keep it limited to pointing out continuity or dialog errors only. The author is fully aware of how bad mixing bittages can be, and when he goofs on certain anatomies, and will get around to fixing them when he can. Until then, don't worry too much about it.

Q:Can I be in the comic?

Only if you are properly acquainted with the author. Everything else is a matter of what importance you could play to the story. Otherwise the most you'll have to look forward to is a cameo at best.

Q:I don't get this joke/reference. Where is it from?

Google it.

Q:When does the comic update?

Because of numerous IRL factors distracting him, the author may or may not change the update schedule to work around said factors. Sometimes it will be every monday. Sometimes it will be on the weekend. Currently we are shooting for updating every Thursday. Keep in mind that if any changes to the schedule are made, or the author doesn't feel like updating this week, he will do his best to keep all of you, his dear readers informed on it.

Everybody pretty much knows these things by now. Why even have a stupid FAQ page in the first place?

Go back to bed TC.

This should about cover it for now. If I can think of any other questions that have been repeated to us, I will gladly add them. Until next time! Bye bye! ^_^