My greatest success, and yet also my greatest failure. "Atma" as he is now known as was taken in by Lawson at a young age, forced to become one of his cybernetic-enhanced super soldiers. Sometime after he and his fellow "Wildcards" escaped, Atma came into contact with a Cosmic Tear and turned Abstract. This along with the years of aggression he had built up were what lead to Lawson's demise at his hands. Sadly Atma's newfound happiness was short-lived as someone (Suspected to be the Abstract known only as "Caladbolg") caused the tear which gave him his power to explode, wiping out his then-hometown in a flash of light. Said explosion seemed to have jettisoned Atma to an unknown location where he met his new companion Girla Purpleheart, whom he now travels with. Though he has softened a bit over time, Atma still maintains the cynical anger he has acquired through the loss of his childhood. This coupled with the mental strain of hearing the voices of his possible alternate counterparts he has absorbed upon becoming Abstract are what I fear will lead to Atma's demise.

A cheerful youth whom Atma has befriended in the aftermath of the "Breadbasket Incident". Girla seems to have developed a school girl's crush on him upon his falling through the roof of her house. Given recent reports:Girla appears to have been undergoing some special training to be a Magical girl heroine by her cat (Later revealed to have been our Pantheon council's own El Guriki in disguise). Atma has chosen to take her under his wing so she may learn a better method of being the hero she always wanted to be. Girla is rather naive, and possessive of Atma to some extent. Oftentimes forgetting her powers in favor of forcing Atma to come rescue her (Much to Atma's displeasure). Time will tell if she will grow out of this trend, and if at all possible, her true identity...

A former agent of our now defunct task force "Shifters", Merku as he is known was the scapegoat for a conspiracy that resulted in the deaths of a majority of shifter agents. Merku has spent some time in the aptly named "Black hole" for the alleged crimes he committed. When I found him, I-ERROR! REST OF FILE MISSING!TERMINATING PLAYBACK

A "Half-Abstract" conceived for scientific purposes. Young Giselle was orphaned at the young age of four when her mother abandoned her to our care. Since then she was experimented on and studied in an attempt to learn more about those with her condition. Somehow she escaped our custody and has been hiding out on Earth-352 under the protective care of John Sawyer for the past forty years (To whom we have sworn to leave Giselle alone so long as she remains on his Earth). Currently Giselle provides a home for Atma and the others, her caretaker Sawyer having become her fiance' in the time she has spent living with him.

Billionaire playboy, former superhero, and Atma's current benefactor on Earth. John Sawyer was once the foolish heir to his father's company. This changed once he had enlisted in the military during the last World War, and agreeing to be exposed to the power of the Cosmic Tear that fell to his planet. Using the power granted to him by the tear, he would become the hero named "Justice", whose feats included winning the war for the UGF, saving the world from Adaptoid O.N.E., and forcing a negotiation with the Pantheon Council for the freedom of Giselle Addison. However, these actions while heroic, came with a price. Because of his nature as an Abstract, the Pantheon Council abused a loophole in their agreement with Sawyer in that while they cannot interfere with his world personally, they could still corrupt the government and the people within it. Though our retaliation eventually took it's toll and left him quiet for the most part, we shall continue monitoring John Sawyer until further notice.

A highly advanced A.I.P. (Read:Adaptoid Intelligence Program) originally meant to end universes that can no longer maintain life, the O.N.E. Adaptoid was sent by Lawson as part of the council's retaliation against John Sawyer for his insolence. It's programming allows it to adapt to virtually any weakness, assimilate multiple lifeforms and, operating systems into it's complex hive mind, and take on any form it so chooses. The O.N.E. Adaptoid almost succeeded in enslaving the entire population of Earth-352, were it not for another truce called upon by Sawyer:In exchange for allowing it to continue to exist, Sawyer would show the O.N.E. program the beauty of emotions and individuality. In an unusual twist, O.N.E. agreed to these terms, and has since assisted Sawyer as his servant under the alias of "Manners". Though current Nexus technology has given us multiple safeguards against it, O.N.E.'s alliance with Sawyer only strengthens the threat he poses to us.

A bumbling pair of imbeciles from the constantly beseiged "Neo Monster Island" universe, these two, like the many others that reside in 516 have cheated death multiple times due to their connections with the local reaper. However because of an isolated incident regarding an obscene amount of Pie-tossing, the two barely escaped being taken into custody, and found their way to Earth-352 as opposed to the "Garhalla" they seek. The human known as "Striker" is not entirely useless, as he has access to antique armor that allows him to channel the elements (Though they only appear to only channel "Fire" and "Storm" respectively). His friend Thomas on the other hand rather than try to be useful would much rather get in the way of everybody, while being completely inept. Whether or not this behavior has anything to do with the loss of his psychic powers via their entry through the dimensional barrier is another matter yet to be solved.

A Cybertronian protoform whose profession changes at the drop of a hat. Anthos is...an odd fellow to say the least. Though his spark is in the right place, his attempts at coming off as more than...

A trope-spewing, womanizing, cliche'd braggart.

Yes. Thank you Veturia. Nonetheless, Anthos' crew were captured sometime ago after his attempt to challenge and taunt Lord Solomon backfired from poor planning. Since then he has been forced to work off their sentence in the Black Hole by poaching Abstracts for us. However, I have given him a new purpose that remains hidden from the eyes of the council. One that I pray he will not screw up.

Recorded on a separate log on account of subject's documents being inaccessible at this time

One of the few Abstracts that truly justify the council's fear and hatred of them. The being known only as "Caladbolg" came about when certain executives attempted to re-create Justice. The end result:A twisted sociopath that cannot be killed by normal means of any kind. his power Beta-level at best, being only capable of crafting kinetic blades or bludgeons from his tear-crystals aside from absorbing a small portion of Atma's core-crystal at some point and gaining the ability to emit flames similar to his own. Despite such seemingly minuscule abilities, Caladbolg has managed to do the impossible and has kidnapped Councilwoman:Guriki Natura Ginga. I will continue to do my best to withhold this information from the rest of the council, though I pray that whatever game Caladbolg may be playing with Atma, and his friends, it does not draw their attention.

A...buxom young hedgehog girl with a stalker crush on Atma. His constant scorning of her resulted in her death by the hands of Caladbolg. She is now a ghost being forced to work for him under the threat of soul erasure. I fear if her spirit continues down this path any longer, she will become tainted and become a demon of sorts.

One of the erm...unusual foes Atma regularly deals with following his travels with Girla. Though there is very little information I have on this Tyro, I can assume he is possibly one of Elizabeth's mad experiments or...something. I don't know! All I know is that he has a tendency to refer to himself in the third person, can do very bizarre things, and is made of tires!

This damned thing serves no purpose! Whomever, or whatever created it deserves to be thrown into the black hole!